The Samsung 990 Pro is the much-anticipated successor to the popular 980 Pro. The 990 Pro is using Samsung’s new Pascal controller and it's new V7 TLC NAND flash, a combination that promises to be faster and more efficient.

“The 990 PRO provides an optimal balance of speed, power efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal choice for avid gamers and creative professionals seeking uninterrupted work and play.”

KyuYoung Lee, Vice President of the Memory Brand Product Biz Team at Samsung Electronics

The 990 Pro has up to 7450/6900 MBps, sequential read and write, with up to 1.4 million / 1.55 million read and write IOPS. This is more than competitive, exceeding the previous-gen, 980 Pro on all counts but also promising numbers higher than the SK hynix Platinum P41 and WD SN850X.

The Samsung 990 Pro does support TCG Opal encryption - an unsupported feature for many consumer SSDs - and offers 600TB of warrantied writes per TB of capacity. The endurance rating follows the JEDEC JESD218 standard which is largely irrelevant. The TBW ratings are unexceptional in any case, but should be sufficient for the drive’s intended use.

Samsung is offering a variant at each capacity with a heatsink and RGB, taking a page out of the WD SN850X’s playbook. The Samsung 990 Pro’s heatsink meets the PCI-SIG D8 standard, which means that it comes in at less than a 8.8mm height to ensure it fits into a wide variety of devices, including the PS5.

The 2TB 990 Pro is, in many respects, the fastest SSD we’ve tested. This high-end PCIe 4.0 drive excels everywhere it matters, is relatively efficient, and has an optional high-power mode. It would be great inside a PC, a laptop, or your PS5. An optional heatsink with RGB is the cherry on top.

Samsung 990 Pro SSD available at our online store.

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