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17 Jun Samsung 990 Pro: The Return of the King
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The Samsung 990 Pro is the much-anticipated successor to the popular 980 Pro. The 990 Pro is using Samsung’s new Pascal controller and it's new V7 TLC NAND flash, a combination that promises to be faster and more efficient.“The 990 PRO provides an optimal balance of speed, power ..
20 Nov What is SSD TBW?
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SSDs are gradually replacing hard discs. They are as silent as a mouse, far quicker than HDDs, and less prone to failure. Manufacturers grade their drives based on three main characteristics known as TBW, drive writes per day, and drive capacity (DWPD). It reflects an SSD's durab..
09 Apr World’s first 200TB SSD is scheduled for 2022
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The era of 200TB solid-state drives (SSD) appears to be on the horizon, with a successor to the world’s largest SSD confirmed to be in development.Nimbus CEO Thomas Isakovich told that it is actively working on a 200TB SSD. Apart from the obvious jump in storage space, he stated ..
20 Nov Keeping your data safe and secure
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With the massive increase in the use of mobile devices, and attacks against government networks and business databases escalating, data security and encryption continues to be a hot topic. Encryption scrambles data in such a way that only someone with the correct code or key can ..
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