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20 Nov What is SSD TBW?
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SSDs are gradually replacing hard discs. They are as silent as a mouse, far quicker than HDDs, and less prone to failure. Manufacturers grade their drives based on three main characteristics known as TBW, drive writes per day, and drive capacity (DWPD). It reflects an SSD's durab..
08 Oct Verbatim New Webcam Range
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We have great news! Verbatim introduced new, high quality webcam range and they will be available in our store shortly.Two products will be for your service: Verbatim AWC-01 Full HD 1080 Autofocus Webcam with Microphone,Verbatim AWC-02 Full HD 1080 Autofocus Webcam with Microphon..
09 Apr World’s first 200TB SSD is scheduled for 2022
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The era of 200TB solid-state drives (SSD) appears to be on the horizon, with a successor to the world’s largest SSD confirmed to be in development.Nimbus CEO Thomas Isakovich told that it is actively working on a 200TB SSD. Apart from the obvious jump in storage space, he stated ..
22 Jan Verbatim in 3D
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Verbatim has been supplying the Additive Manufacturing industry since 2014 with a broad product range of high quality 3D printing filaments incorporating popular as well as specialized and unique materials. Our filaments are known for being tough, reliable and easy to print, and ..
20 Nov Keeping your data safe and secure
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With the massive increase in the use of mobile devices, and attacks against government networks and business databases escalating, data security and encryption continues to be a hot topic. Encryption scrambles data in such a way that only someone with the correct code or key can ..
13 Nov Light up the gaming room with three SUREFIRE Mice
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SureFire, the specialist gaming brand from Verbatim Europe, has launched three new mice, further expanding its range of peripherals for PC gaming enthusiasts. The three mice named Hawk Claw, Condor Claw and Eagle Claw all possess full RGB lighting, multiple programmable buttons, ..
23 Oct SureFireGaming Harrier360
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7.1 SURROUND Whether you are a console gamer or a PC fanatic - the USB headset is universally compatible so you can enjoy amazing sound on any platform.From fiery explosions to subtle footsteps, everything sounds crisp and balanced.  You'll be able to pinpoint your enemy’s direct..
16 Oct Executive Fingerprint Secure
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Imagine losing your personal files, leaving them on a train or in the back of a taxi, knowing that anyone can access them because they were saved on a standard hard drive. With Verbatim Fingerprint HDD you will always be confident in safety of your data.The Executive Fingerprint ..
02 Oct Gator Eye Gaming
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Crank up the bass with Gator Eye Gaming Speakers.#MCSonline #mcsonlineshop #mcs #surefiregaming #pcgaming #gamingpc #gamingarmenia #speaker..
20 Sep Verbatim MiniSSD
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The Store ’n’ Go Mini SSD is the perfect travel companion to enjoy views like these even at a later time.The Store 'n' Go Mini SSD is the ideal storage companion for users on the move. Providing a fast and safe solution for storing and backing up your file, this SSD is ultra smal..
11 Sep Gaming Mice
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Zoom in with deadly accuracy. Gaming mice with fully customisable settings to optimise your gameplay...
31 Jul SureFire Gaming. BE ON FIRE.
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To all mighty gamers out there, we have great news for you! SureFire Gaming brand available soon in our online store.You need to be fast. You need to be agile. Whatever game you play, you need the right kit to win.Built to last, easy to use, lightning fast. SureFire has your back..
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