Verbatim has been supplying the Additive Manufacturing industry since 2014 with a broad product range of high quality 3D printing filaments incorporating popular as well as specialized and unique materials. 

Our filaments are known for being tough, reliable and easy to print, and are often the preferred material for 3D printer companies across Europe. 

3D printing is changing the way products will be manufactured in the future. Recent global issues, and particularly the coronavirus pandemic, have emphasized a change in attitude towards global supply chains which has significantly increased attention to local manufacturing and 3D printing. 

Verbatim is striving to be a leading long-term worldwide supplier to the industry, with our top class 3D printing products backed up by extensive global sales and marketing and a strong emphasis on friendly and dependable customer service. 

Verbatim products are sold in over 120 countries with a line-up that includes data storage products, mobile accessories and 3D printing materials. MCS Caucasus is exclusive representative of Verbatim in Armenia. We sell 3D filaments

PLA premium - Easy-to-print filament with good post-printing workability.

ABS - Highly durable filament with good heat resistance and a smooth finish. 

PET-G - Easy-to-print filament with high impact strength.

PP - One of the most commonly used plastics in industry with good mechanical properties.