Whether you are a console gamer or a PC fanatic - the USB headset is universally compatible so you can enjoy amazing sound on any platform.

From fiery explosions to subtle footsteps, everything sounds crisp and balanced.  You'll be able to pinpoint your enemy’s direction and everything else going on around you to give you the winning edge.


The large, soft leatherette ear pads, adjustable padded headband and lightweight design keep the comfort levels high, even during the most epic gaming marathon!

The on-cable remote control makes stealth mode easy. The mute, volume and lighting controls are just at your fingertips.


Be heard. The detachable and flexible boom microphone features high sensitivity and wide frequency response, ensuring accurate voice communications so your team is always in the know. And when you're done chatting and just want to listen to your latest playlist, the microphone is fully detachable to be out of your way.