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Светодиодное освещение  15/03/2011

Светодиодное освещение

The lighting market is changing. LEDs and OLEDs are now positioned to replace classic lighting technologies in residential and professional spaces. They will bring huge energy efficiencies and offer innovative solutions to support every conceivable application.Verbatim is at the forefront of this change, introducing a selection of LED and OLED lights that incorporate the know-how of its parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation – one of the largest chemical companies in the world with more than 60 years experience in developing lighting materials.

As Verbatim leads the way to the future of light, it will stamp its trusted technology brand on the industry, guaranteeing highest levels of product quality and customer service.The technology behind each Verbatim LED lamp is focused on efficiency, comfort and respect for the environment. LED’s by their nature are more efficient in converting electricity into light. They also have a very long lifetime; less waste is produced, reducing the impact on the environment. The combination of the comforting light that LED lamps produce and the peace of mind which comes with caring about the environment in which we live contribute to the Verbatim lighting experience.
All Verbatim LED lamps produce a comforting warm light. They have modern, yet timeless designs and provide a direct replacement of classic incandescent or halogen lamps incorporating popular bases including E27, E14, GU5.3 and GU10.They are all energy saving, long life, shock and vibration proof and emit no ultraviolet or infrared radiation. They are also all equipped with TCS (Temperature Control System) to avoid overheating and to ensure a full product lifetime.Come with us on our journey into light’s future.
Verbatim – Technology you can trust.