Verbatim Tablet microSDHC  13/12/2013

Verbatim Tablet microSDHC

Easily expand the memory of your compatible Android / Windows 8 tablet or smartphone with a Verbatim Tablet microSDHC memory card.

Featuring Class 10 & UHS-1 speed class rating, these memory cards are optimized for the perfomance demands of HD video content.

microSDHC UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed Bus 1) memory cards can achieve the highest speeds only when paired with a UHS-1 device. For devices without the UHS-1 interface the guaranteed minimum data transfer rate for Class 10 will be 10MB/Sec. microSDHC logo is a trademark.

Speed class designates the minimum writing performance to record video. E.g Class 10 = 10MB/sec.
UHS speed class is designed for UHS products only.